Land For Sale IN Dubai

Dubai is famous for its luxury society venues and where everything is most expensive,high and in grand-scale. One of the reasons for this is its perfect strategic location, for trade services. It offers freehold land for sale in Dubai to the owners of all nationalities and the rights and responsibilities as well.


It is perceived as an attuned country with an advanced phase of fiscal development. Moreover it is known as the land with fast growing economic development. In the year 2002, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum authorized the ownership of freehold properties to the expats, and new trend allowed foreigners to buy, lease or sell land in Dubai, which made a remarkable change in economic status of the city.



Dubai is positioned in the centre of Middle East and has very unwavering geological precinctall over. It is located close to business airport compromising of nearly 360 of the fortune 500 companies. Likewise there are more than 53 of 300 FTSE companies running here.



It is formed of the seven emirates of the country and roughly at sea level of 16m or 52 ft above. It is made up of a multicultural society; with only 5% of local emirates and the expatriates from all over the world. The climate is clear and sunny with an irregular rainfall. The closest Fault line, the Zagros fault, is nearly about 200 km from main UAE and is unbelievable to have any seismic impact of this on it.